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‘Pragnaa’ means divine awareness. Our team at Pragna has come together to create awareness about adoption holistically.

Adoption is more than a set of processes and applications. There are emotional, legal, and operational nuances in adoption which can be overwhelming. Pragnaa is here to guide families of the heart through these nuances, both pre and post-adoption. We believe we can bridge the gap between society and adoptive families, so the concept of adoption can be normalized.


Our Objective

At Pragnaa our objective is to first create awareness around adoption and bust several myths surrounding it. Secondly, and most importantly, we are a support system for prospective and adoptive families to help them navigate through challenges at the emotional and psychological level.


We aim to normalise the concept of adoption by building an empathic and diverse community of heart families.


We believe Pragnaa CAN achieve these objectives with Counselling/Consultation, Awareness building, and Networking. Join our network today if you want to make a difference.



Email us at : Drop WhatsApp text at: 8433553734


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